“A Christmas Carol” at the theatre in Ulm

It is a common fact that the so-called “silent season” before Christmas is usually not as quiet as it´s supposed to be and usually doesn´t keep what it promises. Therefore, many people feel stressed and in a rush to get everything done before the holidays and the end of year.
The same applies to most pupils. Especially students in year 11 and 12 were not really in a very festive mood in December as they had to work hard and diligently to revise for exams before and after the holidays.
Nonetheless, on December, 13th about 30 students tried to get a glimpse of a “christmassy feeling” by visiting the play “A Christmas Carol” at the theatre in Ulm, which was performed in the original language by the American Drama Group.
We all first met our English teachers Miss Rabeder, Mr. Karl and Mr. Tanzer at the Christmas market in Ulm where we enjoyed a cup of mulled wine in the cold to get us into the right mood.  
Afterwards, we made our way to the theatre where we watched probably the most beloved and famous Victorian play. It was originally published as a novella by Charles Dickens in 1843. a christmas carolThe story is about a misanthropist grumpy old man by the name of Ebenezer Scrooge who loathes everything and everybody and to whom Christmas is just “humbug” that only prevents him from making money – at least one thing he really loves. Nonetheless, he is changed to the better within one night when he is visited by three spirits who show him different versions of his life by experiencing Christmas past, present and future. The three ghosts make him eventually reflect upon his life and rethink his choices, and without betraying too much, the ending is a happy one.  
The performance was beautifully delivered, with just the right mixture of authenticity and
humorous scenes containing some of the most beloved Christmas carols to make the whole event an entertaining experience for all of us.
At one point the cast threw sweets into the audience and a woman was called onto the stage. It also contained a scene with a critical reference to the refugee problem in Europe.
It was great to have these components so flawlessly integrated into the play.
The reactions of the students afterwards ranged from amazed to flabbergasted due to
That “once in a lifetime experience” of a theatre performance that was so witty and
gripping that we didn't even notice the hours fly by.
All in all, we really enjoyed this amazing theatre evening and the play finally made the whole group feel more christmassy and got us all into a more festive mood – and that´s exactly what celebrating Christmas is all about.

Friederike Binder (Q11)